Diane Spicer

Executive Coach

As a Halftime Coach and Executive Roundtable Facilitator, Diane inspires and challenges leaders to live authentic and significant lives; to come out from behind their masks and live life fully. Born and raised in New York, Diane creatively and passionately empowers entrepreneurs and leaders to bring out the best in themselves, their families, communities, and businesses.

Diane has pioneered and led numerous ground-breaking community projects out of her New York and Hong Kong corporate offices, and in a not-for-profit context in Australia (working in maximum-security prisons).

Her corporate career across the globe has given her a breadth of experience in leadership with Executive Manager, Director and CEO roles. With a deep trust in God, she leads leaders through life’s challenging times and helps them find their purpose, calling, and create a life plan to put into practice leaving a lasting legacy.

Diane believes any community can be transformed by networking businesses, the not-for-profit sector, local churches and community services, with committed volunteers. She would love to see the local Church restored as the primary care giver in every community as people come to understand how God views them and live out of that identity. She empowers people to unmask and become all they were created to be.

Diane shares her inspiring spiritual journey in her recently published autobiography titled, ‘UNMASKED. A Remarkable True Story of Transformation and Redemption.’

Diane is also a mum to two remarkable adults and nanny to two beautiful grandchildren. She is an excellent, engaging, and fun facilitator and coach that shares her faith, creativity, love of art and people in every speaking event or coaching session she leads.