Halftime Stories | Paul Dettman

In this episode of Halftime Australia’s “ALUMNI STORIES,” Paul Dettman shares with us how the 12-Month Halftime Executive Roundtable was the forum for him to reimagine his social enterprise, The Social Foundry, a life-transforming organisation equipping community members with job and life skills.

Paul’s thoughts on the Halftime Executive Roundtable:

“I realised, the biggest thing stopping people getting a job was they’d never had a job, so it’s this vicious cycle. So we thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was a place that could give them job skills, but also life skills?’”
“It helped me see wasn’t working, and the Halftime 12-Month Program allowed me to reimagine the process.”
“The most significant thing with Halftime Roundtable was the relationships.”
“We’ve walked this journey together, we’ve seen all this creativity come out of this one space.”
“It was a great opportunity to explore this process and unpack it with a group.”