Halftime Stories | David Wells

“My initial reaction was, no. However, after a while, it became apparent I needed to go.” ~ In this episode of Halftime Australia’s “ALUMNI STORIES,” David Wells shares with us how the Halftime JUST5 North India Business Leadership changed his perspective and his life.

David’s thoughts on the Halftime JUST5 India Trip:

“I thought, ‘It’s not so much about what I can give, but what God can teach me’.” ”
We met so many people who had struggled with different family situations, they were learning they were people of worth, they were loved by God and they had dignity.”
“I see that by simply responding positively to an invitation, I’ve just walked through a door that God has opened for me.”
“It wasn’t a difficult thing to do, the trip was only 7 days — but the insights and experiences were incredible, I learned so much and met so many beautiful people.”
“Sometimes we just have to say YES.”