6 hours. 150 kms. A day of adventure that could change your life!


Purchase this voucher for yourself or a friend/colleague to join Halftime alumni Peter Wakelam and experience a day of adrenalin-raising adventure. Enjoy one of Australia’s top drives as well as inspiring conversation about living a life of great significance. You’ll cover 250 kilometres over six hours in Peter’s remarkable 2017 Ford Mustang.

Gain inspiration and fresh perspective as you explore the picturesque views of the Great Dividing Range, navigate the exhilarating hairpin corners of the world-renowned stretch of tarmac between Healesville and Marysville, and witness the spectacular rainforest scenery of The Black Spur.


After a mammoth health crisis in 2014, which started while climbing Ayers Rock with his daughter, a series of extraordinary events radically changed the trajectory of Peter’s life. Once an avid businessman, he was forced to make some big changes. He completed the Halftime Program and now enjoys mentoring others, dedicating his time to helping people in the area of work/life balance.

CLICK BELOW to watch Peter’s powerful story. Hear why he created Horsepower Academy and how this unique experience could be a key to help you on your journey to living a life of greater significance.


Perhaps you have completed the Halftime Roundtable, attended a JUST5 North India trip, or completed the Great Leap or Dream2Gether. During these powerful programs group members are surrounded by accountability, encouragement and practical strategy on how to move forward. However, after finishing programs like this it can be a challenge to remain inspired and motivated to stay on course. So,we have created this special day to encourage you.


10.00am – Rowville
Hit the road in Peter’s 2017 V8 powered Mustang GT.

11.00am – Warburton
An hour of adrenalin raising driving. Morning tea in Warburton.

11.30am – Great Dividing Range
Drive over the spectacularGreat Dividing Range to Marysville.

12.00pm – Marysville
Replenish our energy and prepare for more adventure.

12.30pm – The Black Spur
Navigate the exhilarating hairpin corners of The Black Spur.

1.00pm – Healesville
Arrive in Healesville for lunch.

3.00pm – Yellingbo and Emerald
Depart Healesville and drive through Yellingbo and Emerald.

4.00pm – Back in Rowville
Arriving back in Rowville, our day of adventure complete.




Or Buy as A Gift for a Friend

Perhaps you know someone asking the question – “Is there more to my life than this?”.They may be in a season of transition or at a crossroads in life and would benefit from connecting with and listening to Peter Wakelam’s story of how he has transformed his life to one of greater meaning and purpose.

Why not gift them with this life-changing, six hours where they can enjoy a day in a 2017 Mustang GT, 435 Horse Power V8, as well as enjoy encouraging conversation about living a life of great significance.