Just 5 Days to Transform Your Life!

Tour 5 Days + Travel

The JUST5 trip is a practical leadership training and mentoring intensive abroad with Halftime Global. Come on an adventure that engages your senses and takes your dreams to a new level.

By joining a select group of executive leaders from around the world, be prepared for an action-packed itinerary and a life-changing experience. Halftime runs one invitation-only trip per year. View first-hand philanthropic initiatives where villages and communities are being transformed and thousands of social workers and community leaders are being trained and empowered. Visit schools and children’s homes, as well as tailoring centres that have been set up for women to help break the poverty cycle.

John Sikkema“We invite you to join us for JUST5, a trip that is sure to change your life!
You will meet like-minded leaders from around the world and be inspired by amazing people doing extraordinary things to overcome incredible odds and challenges to transform their communities and world.”

– John Sikkema. Executive Director, Halftime Australia

  • Leadership coaching sessions designed
     to help you transition from success to significance (see details below)
  • An opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other business and community leaders who are on the same journey
  • Gain greater clarity around who you are and your life’s purpose
  • Experience authentic Indian culture in a way that is up close and personal
  • Participate in the community transformation work of Empart (formerly known as Compassion for India)
  • Learn about the social and economic impact of Christianity and other major religions of the world
  • Be exposed to philanthropic opportunities that will challenge your inner being and the way you look at life and Coaching sessions with John Sikkema and a special world class speaker
  • Visit famous Indian landmarks such as The Taj Mahal and The Ganges
  • Meet workers who are laying down their lives to help others


1. Your Unique Assignment
2. Evangelism in the West vs Asia
3. Unlocking the myths of world religions and their social impact
4. Positive Encounters

The tour starts and ends in Delhi, India.

Please contact the Head Office for further itinerary details.