Halftime Stories | Steve Lawrence

“Our culture says to us, “When you get into your forties and fifties you start to go downhill”, but the presupposition of Halftime is the opposite – that the second half will actually be MORE significant than the first half.” ~ In this episode of Halftime Australia’s “ALUMNI STORIES,” Steve Lawrence shares with us how the 12-Month Halftime Executive Roundtable helped him uncover the treasures within himself, and give him the clarity and direction to launch his coaching and speaking business.
Steve’s thoughts on the Halftime Executive Roundtable:
“Five years ago I was working in a secondary school and I started thinking, ‘There’s got to be more to this life.”
“There was something unsatisfying in my heart. I began thinking; ‘I don’t want to just slide into retirement in 20 years’. So I started to investigate who I am. I began to look at the things I really love doing; coaching, writing, speaking and decided, that’s what I want to do more of.”
“Why should you do Halftime? You can’t make this process alone. You can’t journey it alone. You need other people who are making the same journey individually who can encourage you along. And you need skilled leaders who are equipped to help you and guide you along the way.”
“There is something that goes on in the meeting with others, and the sharing with others, the way in which you all help one another. “The process of archaeology is powerful – looking inside yourself to ask yourself, “Who am I at my core? What’s my capacity, and in what context will I make my service?”
“For me, the 12 months was so rich. Then after 12 months, I found it’s not actually finished. Had I been given the opportunity to do it again I would have.”