What Is Halftime?

Halftime is a time to pause, reflect and discover what we want to achieve in the second half of our life. It is about leaving a legacy and redirecting some of our time, talent and resources towards something significant. It is a time to explore parallel career opportunities and redefine our goals. Halftime Australia can help you discover and clarify your life purpose and plan for your ‘second half’. Bob Buford’s book ‘Halftime’ was the impetus that created the Halftime phenomenon in America which has spread around the world. Successful business leader John Sikkema established Halftime Australia in 2009 providing accessibility to the Halftime programs for Australian executives and leaders.
Halftime Australia is a registered Australian Not-For-Profit Organisation committed to envisioning and empowering business and community leaders to make a positive impact and influence in the marketplace and community. Guided by Christian Principles and Values, Halftime Australia provides coaching and mentoring services and programs to individuals and companies to help align purpose to business mission and objectives.

Who Is It For?

Halftime Australia can play a vital role in walking alongside you – it can change your life.

Are you tired of climbing the corporate ladder? Does winning another business deal no longer have its thrill? Do you ever wonder what passions lie beneath the surface if they had an opportunity to be discovered?

In Australian culture, once you’re past a certain age, you’re more likely to be undervalued and perceived as obsolete. At Halftime we believe the best years of life are still ahead. All the experience, wisdom and knowledge that you have accrued create far more opportunities to build a life of significance.

Halftime is for professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who want guidance for the ‘second half’ of their life. It is suitable for people aged in their thirties through to sixties that are seeking to move from a success focus to a significance focus. With expert coaching and programs, Halftime can give you clarification and direction for your life.

Bob Buford

Bob Buford – Halftime Founder

Bob Buford, founded the Halftime Organisation in 1998 out of overwhelming response to his original book, Halftime, released in 1995.