A Catalyst for Bringing Your Dreams Together


Dream Together is a 2-day experience for couples who want to LIVE a legacy, focused on combining creative possibilities with practical plans to gain margin, increase impact, and ignite your individual and collective callings.

Facilitators: Marion and Michael Magyar
Marion and Michael are Halftime Australia coaches who have been inspiring couples for over 30 years. Experiencing their own Halftime journey, they are passionate about guiding couples in their second half enabling them to enjoy a life packed with fun, growth and fulfilment.

“I tend to jump into things, but with Halftime’s guidance, I was led to reflect and ask myself ‘What are my key contributions and how can I best put them to use?’ It brought freedom and clarity and now I know where I can play well.”

Ashlee, Halftime Program Participant



For living on mission for God while enjoying life and each other.


On your dreams for the future, both individually and as a couple so your next season can be your best yet.


With your spouse on your values, priorities, and your desires for the future.


By being in a small workshop with other faith-filled authentic couples who share your desire of living purposefully and making an impact with all that they’ve been entrusted with.

“By exploring my dream, his dream, and our dream together, we were equipped to cast a vision of what it will look like to serve God while fully enjoying life and each other.”

Carol, Halftime Program Participant


it’s a 2 day experience held on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Available with 3 months notice.


Adding Coaching Sessions after attending your Dream Together is always an option, and strongly encouraged — we know that’s where the long term change happens! You can click below to learn more about that option and pricing. 

Is DREAM TOGETHER for all married couples?
The program has been specifically designed for couples who are in or approaching a “Halftime” season and longing for more meaning in the second half of their marriage and life.
What if we are not married, can we still be part of DREAM TOGETHER?
Due to the material covered, the program is not recommended for unmarried couples.
How many couples will be part of the group retreat?
The individual retreat will just be you and your spouse, and the facilitators. In order to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment, the group retreat is limited to 10 couples including the facilitators.
Should I be concerned about confidentiality?
For the protection of individuals, group retreat delegates are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and maintain a high level of confidentiality with all information and conversations shared.
In the group retreat, how much time is spent in group settings and how much couple time?
The format of the two-day group retreat is a combination of presentations, group & couples workshops, and couples reflective, dreaming & planning sessions. These are specifically developed to guide private conversation between couples.
At the end of the retreat what will I walk away with?
As a couple you will leave the retreat with tools to help clarify your dreams, plan to make them a reality and begin the journey into the best season of your life.
Is there anything that I should do in preparation for the retreat?
In preparation for the retreat, we encourage couples to read the book, Halftime (Bob Buford) and complete a StrengthsFinder assessment (StrengthsFinder – Tom Rath). Halftime Australia will supply participants with these resources once the deposit has been paid.

Disclaimer: Halftime DREAM TOGETHER is not marriage guidance or marriage counselling and is based on Christian values. Couples of all faiths or no faith are welcome. Halftime holds to the Christian teaching that marriage is a covenant that exists between one man and one woman. Any reference to marriage or couple made by Halftime DREAM TOGETHER is in this context.