Lisa McInnes-Smith

Executive Coach

Lisa has a background in Sport Psychology and High Performance, Leadership and Team Dynamics. She knows a lot about building connections, communication, credibility and trust. She applies this knowledge to help people raise their performance and contribute their talents to society.

She speaks at conferences around the globe to corporations, associations, education and not-for-profits. She also mentors and coaches in the areas of professional and personal growth along with presentation skills.

Lisa McInnes-Smith has built her life and her livelihood out of sharing words; words of inspiration and transformation. She is in the top three percent of speakers in the world and is the most highly awarded Australian speaker. She is the first of only three Australians to be inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame (CPAE). She has shared the stage with two American Presidents and a Vice President plus a swag of celebrity entertainers. She particularly loved the night she followed the awesome Ray Charles.

Sydney-born and Melbourne-educated, Lisa was catapulted into the speaking industry through the success of her first book, written at age 26 to help young adults overcome poor self-image and achieve goals. To this day Lisa remains committed to helping young people reach their potential and has positively influenced well over a million teens by teaching them life skills such as goal setting and problem solving. Her goal setting program, ‘Why Wasn’t I Told?’ was given a gold award by the recording industry.

In her 20s Lisa was elected President of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA). She believes in giving voluntary service to the community. She’s been accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) since 1994 but was recently awarded Educator of the Year and Keynote speaker of the year by the same body. She’s also been recognised by her peers with the most prestigious Nevin Award for her significant contribution to the speaking industry.

She has a crazy, ‘mad about life’ attitude and constantly comes up with new ways to serve her community. She loves her friends and colleagues. She has three children, two grand-children, one husband and a dog! She is surrounded by love!