Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams

Glenn is a Halftime Master Coach and one of Halftime Australia’s directors. He also provides leadership to Halftime’s global strategy and innovation.

Stephanie Woollard OAM

Stephanie Woollard OAM is a visionary leader, social entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author and business coach dedicated to empowering individuals to live lives of purpose and impact. Steph’s track record is nothing short of inspiring. Having followed her heart for humanity from an early age, she has reached great heights and travelled the world sharing her […]

Diane Spicer

As a Halftime Coach and Executive Roundtable Facilitator, Diane inspires and challenges leaders to live authentic and significant lives; to come out from behind their masks and live life fully.

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa has a background in Sport Psychology and High Performance, Leadership and Team Dynamics. She knows a lot about building connections, communication, credibility and trust. She applies this knowledge to help people raise their performance and contribute their talents to society.

Peter Irvine

Well known for the successful Gloria Jean’s franchises, Peter is passionate about teaching others how to be successful in their businesses and personal relationships, whilst remaining true to their values and faith. Peter first started his professional career as a junior at DDB Needham, Sydney – which became the second largest advertising agency in Sydney. […]

Jossy Chacko

Jossy Chacko is the Founder and President of Empart, a global organisation that exists to ignite community transformation movements among unreached people.

John Sikkema

John Sikkema

John Sikkema is a business entrepreneur, author and thought-leader who is passionate about motivating and mentoring entrepreneurs, business leaders and community leaders to discover their life purpose and align their business with that purpose to live and leave a lasting legacy.